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 Helping you get unstuck and step into your power to be the creator of your own life because you’re meant for more

Ready to feel aligned and confident in every area of your life?


No matter where you are in your self-love journey, I can help take you to the next level. I'll show you how to get out of your own way so you can show up as the person you know you’re meant to be and live the life you’re dreaming of.


As your empowerment coach, I will lead you through a process to build confidence, transform your mindset to be aligned with your ‘higher’ self and shed self-sabotaging behaviors so you can show up each day feeling empowered in life. 

Let's Work Together!

1:1 Coaching


Ready to get unstuck and step into the most confident version of yourself? Work 1:1 with Courtney to completely shift into a new way of feeling, living and being.

Speaking + Media Collaborations

Thinking Courtney or The Not So Average brand would be aligned for something? Contact us with any questions, collaboration requests or speaking opportunities

Meet Courtney

Courtney Croucher is a young female entrepreneur, podcaster, and an empowerment coach. 


At a young age, Courtney became fascinated with self-development and questioning how social norms came to be and had a fear of living an “average life”.


After a decade of immersing herself in this work, she created The Not So Average, the umbrella of her brand, business and podcast where she strives to help women get unstuck and step into their power to be the creator of their own lives. 

If you had to describe her in a few words, she'd say she's a firey leo who is blunt with a side of woo woo and is here to remind you that you're meant for more. 

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Listen to The Not So Average Podcast 

A show dedicated to deconstructing traditional advice and the idea of an "average life" to inspire you to step into your power and be the creator of your own life.

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